Kindle, do I really need to plug you in?


Battery Charge

The countdown is on....

You’re packing for your trip to Hawaii. You’re thinking, “All I need is my swimsuit, some shorts and some flip flops.” Right? or no?  You manage to get everything into a bag and you’re proud of yourself cuz it’s small. Then? then. Then you need to just grab your iPhone, laptop, camera (both of em), MP3 player and now….you’re Kindle.


It’s not that the Kindle isn’t a great tool all by itself. I have one and I love it. It’s clean and easy and kinda neat, you know? Need a book? Get it! it’s easy! There are other things like booksharing that could be better but hey it’s a pretty nice gadget and it was a great gift from The Girl.

The Kindle just happened to be that last item, that one that made me look at my bag packed for Hawaii with black and white tendrils hanging out of every empty side pocket and think “I hope the beach has a 220V.” Seriously, I am done with all the damn plugs..and all the things I need to plugin and charge and electrify. Constantly feeding the hungry little indicator bar. When does it end?

It doesn’t. It gets worse. Cuz see it used to just be your phone. And then you had maybe a car charger. But that was it. The only other things we recharged on this planet was the obscure battery and credit cards. Now? Everything.

It’s gotten to the point where I can’t grab that book I put down for two weeks and pick up again as I am running to the bathroom for some light reading. Try doing that with a Kindle, only to find that it’s not charged. Standing in the bedroom, unbuttoned pants in one hand, a dead Kindle in the other and a near future of reading the back of shampoo bottles.

Dead Kindle? That takes planning! plug it in ahead of time? What happened to convenience? You ever have your book run out of juice on you? Have you? It’s the weirdest thing. Of all things, books have been pretty user friendly. They haven’t changed much in about, oh, 3000 years. Now, in 2009, we’re expected to change all that. Plug it in!

Hey Moses! I just uploaded over some commandments to you. Be sure to put out an email blast to all your followers. What the burning bush doesn’t have a outlet? Preposterous! I guess you’ll have to wait for electricity to be invented to read my note. God, OUT!

I just want to know when I went from a pair of double AA’s for the Walkman into an Outlet Hunter when I go on vacation.

Have you changed your table to get a better shot at an plug in spot? Have you and waitress from Edmonton gotten down on your hands and knees at  an airport restaurant looking for an outlet: “I sa’wore I saw one here somew’ere…!”

Alas I can’t live without them for they are my electrically warm security blankets of information.

..Hey can I unplug this lamp? I need to charge my laptop now.


Baby’s First Blog

So this is indeed my first blogpost. I am not sure what this is going to evolve into. Hopefully it’s something constructive and interesting and reason for you to come back here over and over again.

I’d like to have things regarding design, our human environment and the world in general. Maybe some rants on real world stuff. Since we all live in this real world together most of you done something to mess it up. But hey you gotta get by, right?

I got to talking to Shireen, my girlfriend, about starting her site: Green Shireen. It’ll be a blog tracking her change from ordinary consumer to an enlightened one. It’s been a great thing to watch her evolve. Be sure to check that out when it’s up and going. I’ll have a link to it here too.

Check in later. I’ll start to upload interesting, funny, political and snarky news and stuff as it comes…..and as I get better at the habit of blogging.

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