Baby’s First Blog

So this is indeed my first blogpost. I am not sure what this is going to evolve into. Hopefully it’s something constructive and interesting and reason for you to come back here over and over again.

I’d like to have things regarding design, our human environment and the world in general. Maybe some rants on real world stuff. Since we all live in this real world together most of you done something to mess it up. But hey you gotta get by, right?

I got to talking to Shireen, my girlfriend, about starting her site: Green Shireen. It’ll be a blog tracking her change from ordinary consumer to an enlightened one. It’s been a great thing to watch her evolve. Be sure to check that out when it’s up and going. I’ll have a link to it here too.

Check in later. I’ll start to upload interesting, funny, political and snarky news and stuff as it comes…..and as I get better at the habit of blogging.


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