Yuba Bicycles: Cargo And More!

Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike

A friend of mine started this company and product. It seems inevitable that as bikes become mainstream (in America) that more different types of bicycles continue to be developed and experimented with.

Yuba makes a cargo bike in a single frame. They are made locally (to me) in Sausalito, CA. I love the idea of the cargo bike for many reasons. The obvious ones are the use of transporting groceries and sundry items without the use of the car. It also acts a pickup in the sense that you are not restricted to height or length as you would be in the trunk of a car (don’t go there SUV, 17 mpg).

Ben Sarrazin, Founder, and his boxes

But the less than obvious benefits are the ability to transport the family around with all that equipment. Time together with your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend and of course all the kids. As places like San Francisco become more bicycle friendly, products like this will be even more high profile.

Don’t be surprised when you see surfboards, kayaks or whole families on one pedal-pushed vehicle.

Go see more about what Yuba is up to at http://www.yubaride.com/

Emily and Océanne

Check back here for more information on what people are doing to update and make relevant a technology from the 18th century.


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