3 Responses to New(ish) Golden State Warriors Logo

  1. TC Montaquila says:

    Best uni’s in the NBA

  2. Ramon Garcia says:

    Here’s a comment I received via email:

    Could it look any less warrior like?.

    A Bridge???
    Come-onnnnn now,
    How about a little creativity.
    We have thousands of years of warriors in our history to find a symbolic image…

    That’s pathetic.
    Do we have to pay a bridge toll to look at this stupid image.
    The designer should be kicked in the warriors

    I’m not a huge sports spectator, but that is soooooooo lame


    Good comment. You bring up a good point.

    When creating the logo, do you look to represent the city/area or the mascot? Two totally different ways to look at it. So in this case I totally agree that using a bridge when the “location” is Golden State is too vague.

    The GOLDEN STATE Warriors? or the Golden State WARRIORS?

    That bridge could be anywhere from San Diego to Sacramento if you’re from Oklahoma City.

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