Hot Ice Cubes

Cube don't like shattered ice.

Qualifier: This is for city apartment dwellers or  people who have ice trays that you have to fill manually. Those of you with the automatic ice cube makers you can move on to the next post.

I hate shattered ice cubes. They get on my floor and make water everywhere.

Quick tip: If you want clear solid cubes of ice. Use your hottest tap water when you fill your tray.

Then you have nice cubes for your gin n’ juice.

Post-post script: FYI You should all know that I did an experiment with boiling water, hot tap water, room temp tap, and cold tap. I came up with hot tap water because it was more or less the same result as boiling water. And less time consuming.  One commenter said something about the clarity of the hot tap water (it comes through the hot water heater). That would be a case by case determination, I would imagine. If yours isn’t clear, then boil it.


3 Responses to Hot Ice Cubes

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  2. Ramon Garcia says:

    I did have one commenter say that he wasn’t happy with the CLARITY of hot water. It does go through the hot water heater so I see his point.

    It’s another post altogether I think. We can go there.

  3. Ingrid says:

    So glad you found and shared the hot water solution. But, we’ve got a freezer with an automatic ice maker that I hate, hate, hate to use. No matter how careful one is, it never fails to shoot ice onto the floor. And our ice is “challenging” to retrieve because the cubes are thinner than those from your beloved ice tray. Enjoy your gin n’ juice. I’m having chilled white zinfandel; avoiding the whole ice issue.

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